A visionary in the logistics industry: Thomas Hellmuth-Sander

With his visionary leadership and tireless commitment, Thomas Hellmuth-Sander has pushed the boundaries of logistics management and built an unrivalled career characterised by innovation and excellence.

The birth of a visionary

Military logistics

  • Thomas Hellmuth-Sander began his career in military logistics, where he mastered operational planning and process. This experience formed the solid foundation for his later visionary approach.

Transformative perspective

  • When he moved to the private sector, Thomas brought with him a wealth of knowledge and a new, transformative perspective on logistics management that would prove key to his success.

Rise to industry leader

  • His relentless pursuit of excellence led him through the ranks of TNT Express and FedEx, where he established himself as a pioneer in customer logistics management.

Pioneer in customer logistics management

Depot Navigator at TNT Express

  • Thomas started his career in the private sector as a Depot Navigator at TNT Express, where he drove process optimisation and efficiency improvements

Senior Industrial Specialist at FedEx

  • His reputation as a transformation expert led him to FedEx, where he worked as a Senior Industrial Specialist in Customer Logistics Management and looked after major customers with finesse.

Customer Logistics Manager at TNT

  • In his role as Customer Logistics Manager at TNT Express, Thomas was able to demonstrate his skills in customer management and the implementation of innovative solutions.

Visions for the future of logistics

Sustainable logistics

Thomas is committed to developing environmentally friendly and energy-efficient logistics solutions that protect the planet.

Innovative way of thinking

As a visionary, Thomas is constantly driving forward new ideas and transformative approaches to take the logistics industry into the future.

Intelligent automation

He is driving the integration of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics to make supply chains more efficient and agile.

Global networking

Thomas is working on networking logistics worldwide and thus promoting cooperation across national borders.

A visionary who leaves his mark

Military logistics

Thomas' career began in military logistics, where he gained valuable experience.

Private sector

His move to the private sector enabled him to realise his transformative vision.

Global reach

Today, Thomas Hellmuth-Sander is a pioneer and visionary with global influence in the logistics industry.

Thomas Hellmuth-Sander is more than just a logistics expert - he is a visionary who is actively shaping the future of the industry. With his passion for innovation, sustainable logistics and global networking, he is driving the further development of logistics concepts and setting new standards in the industry.

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